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With clearly visible violations of the functioning of the proximal muscle, a diagnosis of upper paralysis will be made.

With a lesion at the location of the lower bundles of the brachial plexus, respectively, the child is diagnosed with lower paralysis. Another type - total obstetric paralysis, experts call pronounced paresis, localized in the ezetimibe or zetia section. What important reflexes should healthy newborns have? For example, the Robinson reflex is considered a reaction to irritation of the skin of the inner surface of the palm when the handle of the hammer or finger is inserted into it. And the hugging reflex in medicine is considered the Moro reflex, caused by tapping on the stomach or patting on the buttocks, as well as blowing in the face.

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In this case, the child observes extension and abduction of all 4 limbs, after which flexion and adduction to the body. Such reflexes occur from the first day of life in all healthy children, and their absence indicates pathology, including obstetric paralysis. In some doctors, the symptom of a hanging head is observed, which also indicates damage to the cervical part of the spinal cord. Therefore, in the neonatal period, reliable clinical symptoms are already visible, with the help of which the diagnosis can be accurately determined. This applies not only to gross damage, but also to relatively light ones.

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Diagnosis must be carried out immediately, since a delay in the start of pathogenetic therapy can lead to serious complications. So, the chances of recovery are greatly reduced with developed muscle atrophy and already formed contractures.

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If we talk about the prevention of zetia, first of all, early diagnosis is necessary.

In most cases, the affected hand of a newborn is characterized by a decrease in muscle tone. As noted earlier, the clinical picture of the pathology is quite characteristic and typical. With a fracture of the humerus, difficult active movements are observed.If the examination is confirmed by the X-ray results, the child will be sent to the neurological department for further therapy. It should be noted that the timely treatment of obstetric paralysis in a hospital is mandatory, otherwise it will be impossible to correct the inferiority of the hand.

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According to the data of the largest obstetric centers in North America and Europe, on average, the incidence occurs in two newborns out of a thousand. As for the Russian Federation, in the Central Federal District alone, more than one thousand children are born annually with a diagnosis of obstetric paralysis. Effective methods of treatment of obstetric paralysis.

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According to world statistics, the incidence of obstetric paralysis, unfortunately, is not an idea to decline. Even with the increased quality of obstetric care, there are a lot of cases.

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An experienced neurologist sees the minimum signs of the disease immediately. Traditional treatment includes a set of measures that are selected individually for each child. The course of treatment and its duration will depend on the form of zetia paralysis. Often the doctor puts on the first place the imposition of a plaster splint, as well as the use of so-called abduction splints.

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